What It Is

Fills any jamb or gap, saves up to 30 minutes per car

  • 3/8” diameter with 1/4” diameter foam core, for modern vehicles’ tighter jambs (or put two pieces back to back to fill wider gaps)
  • 1/2” diameter with 3/8” diameter foam core, for filling older vehicles’ larger door and hood gaps
  • Each tube is 48”” long.
  • Made with 3M™ High Performance Green Masking Tape 401+
  • Sticks to metal, glass, rubber, plastic and EPDM rubber moldings
  • Sticks in place until removed
  • Repositions and removes quickly and easily, with no adhesive residue
  • Temperature-resistant up to 250º F (121º C) for 30 minutes, so there’s no baked-on oven residue
  • Foam core slides out for narrow gaps (behind gas caps, for example)
  • Double up tubes for wide gaps
  • Round shape naturally feathers paint edges; ideal for masking small “target areas” for painting
  • Stores under normal conditions of 70º F (21º C) and 50% relative humidity in the original carton