Save Time

How Tube Tape saves 15, 20, maybe even 30 minutes per car

  • Pops right in (or on)
  • Flexes to fit all shape gaps without adjustment – even sharp corners
  • Goes on in just one step
  • No need to “wet down” the glue
  • Sticks until you remove it
  • No special removal technique required
  • Sticks to all surfaces – metal, glass, rubber, plastic, EPDM rubber moldings
  • Repositions in seconds; no need to start over
  • Fits any size gap: Comes in two sizes, doubles up for wide gaps, foam core slides out for narrow ones
  • No rubbery, baked-on oven residue to scrape away – heat-resistant up to 250º for up to 30 minutes
  • Comes off as easily as it goes on
  • No adhesive residue to clean off
  • Round shape naturally feathers edges, so you can touch up missed spots without having to repaint whole panels
  • No release paper to wrestle with


See for yourself [click here for videos] how much time all that can save.