Less time per car. More profit per day.

Automotive Masking Solution


Automotive Aperture Tape

Are you tired of foam tape leaving hard edges or falling off during baking? Are you back taping because you don’t like foam tape but wish there was a faster alternative? There is, and it’s called

Tube Tape

. Masking with Tube Tape can help you handle more jobs and make more profit on them. That’s because Tube Tape can save you 15, 20, maybe even 30 minutes per car. If you figure that a good painter generates $26 profit per insurance hour and two to three insurance hours per hour worked, then every 30 minutes you save is another $26 to $39 in your pocket. Here’s why: Tube Tape is round, flexible, and sticky all over. So it pops right in (or on) in just one step. And stays there, until you remove it.

Repositioning is as quick and easy as popping it out and back in again. It flexes to fill any shape gap – even around sharp corners. It fits all size gaps. Just use two pieces back to back for wide gaps, or slide out the removable foam core for narrow ones. It’s heat-resistant up to 250º for 30 minutes, so unlike foam tape, there’s no residue after baking. Tube Tape’s round shape naturally feathers edges, so you can touch up missed spots without having to repaint whole panels. You don’t even waste time wrestling with release paper, because with Tube Tape, there is none. And when the job’s done, Tube Tape lifts right out with no effort, no glue transfer and, unlike foam tape, no special removal technique.