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We have been using Tube Tape for about 90 days now. The product really seems to be a great alternative for closing the gaps on panels that are being sprayed. It keeps overspray out of the jambs and also keeps any debris in the jamb area from getting out on the surface. Tube Tape also works well when blending in a surface, leaving a soft edge versus a hard tape line. When this product is removed from the paint surface, it leaves no residue. We feel that using this product in production will not only save us time in preparation, but also will save cost in masking paper. We strongly feel that Tube Tape will be an asset in our production line.

Kyle Wills, Manager

Bruce’s Super Body Shop, Richmond, VA

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Tube Tape saves me about 15 to 20 minutes per car. It’s easy to apply, and it practically strips itself. There is no adhesive residue. Best of all, I get a high-quality paint job. The round shape eliminates hard paint edges.

Kenny Fisher, Senior Painter/Finisher

Sheehy Ford, Richmond, VA

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I have been painting cars professionally for 60 years. I have tried every jamb tape that has been made, and nothing works as well as Tube Tape. It is very forgiving, easy to install, never leaves a hard paint edge, and never leaves an adhesive residue. I have found that it saves me 15 to 20 minutes per side on a car. This product is great!

Professional Car Painter

Fred Redford